Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Podcast for breakfast

I just entered this comment to Wesley Fryer's post, Podcast42: Can you hear me now? Composing Connections between Classrooms and Communities:
Wesley, thanks so much for publishing this podcast - and all the others! Last night I saved the podcast, dragged it over to my little mp3 player, hooked up my earbuds as I went about the mindless but frantic 1+1/2 hours before school this morning, and had a wonderful hour listening to a dynamic, inspirational speaker! At a keynote at a conference in Orlando!

The technology is so easy. Any teacher in any classroom anywhere could prep for school listening to Janet Swensen, as I did today.

And tomorrow, who knows? And the next day? Find a way to make this happen easily and seamlessly, and web 2.0 begins to make a difference to mainstream teachers.

Now to find another good one for tomorrow… - Mark


Wesley Fryer said...

Glad you were able to listen to Janet and appreciated her comments, Mark! Two other podcasts you might check out are Eric Langhorst's Speaking of History and KidCast Podcast by Dan Schmidt.

I just listened to Eric's podcast 14 and 16 tonight, 14 is especially good with lots of great insights on using cable in the classroom. One of the cable in the classroom people he interviewed mentioned this online game Windward, which looks really cool and something your kids might like, esp if they are doing any type of explorer study.

Janet said...

Thank you for your kind words, Mark. Wesley (he's amazing, isn't he?!) pointed me in your direction. I only had a few minutes to tour your blog, but I bookmarked it and will return!
Janet Swenson

Mark Ahlness said...

Wesley and Janet,
It was a wonderful hour before school today, thanks to your efforts! My mind is buzzing with how this sort of thing can be available to teachers in every classroom, every day. The technology is there.

On tap for me tomorrow: Bob Sprankle and Tim Wilson (with Joe Lambert on digital storytelling) - all loaded up and ready to go.

Why couldn't teachers pick up their mp3 player from the docking station at their desks in the AM and have a choice of the best and latest podcasts at their fingertips? Is this an idea that is so far out?

Wesley Fryer said...

I think it is quite reasonable, but as Bob Sprankle pointed out in his last Bit by Bit podcast, this type of professional development is self-initiated, and without encouragement I am not sure if a broad percentage of teachers would do this. Now if the school would buy them all iPods and provide some professional development on how to subscribe and listen to podcasts, that might help! But even then we'd have many who likely wouldn't make it part of their day. But it COULD happen....

Anonymous said...

But when would I listen to NPR? :)

Wesley Fryer said...

Whenever you want, Gordon! Because most of NPR's best content is now available as podcasts you can listen to at your leisure! My favorites are story of the day, NPR technology and "This I Believe."

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