Thursday, March 23, 2006

Many things

Had a very fun time listening to Bob Sprankle this morning with “It’s Not About the Technology” Oh my goodness! Tomorrow I listen to another one of his. He is doing such amazing stuff!

Two more kids posted podcasts on today at morning recess. Still experimenting with my new little mp3 player/recorder. The kids think it's real cool. I'm trying to keep up with them :)

Posted a note for the News reporters at school on their blog that we're doing a podcast edition of the Jr. Seahawk Newsletter for March. This will be the first one, and I'm only a little sure how to proceed. Got to figure out how to do a couple of tracks using Audacity. I know it's possible, just have to find the time to sit down, read the documentation, and try it out a bit. And then find some free music, of course!

Biggest news of all is that there is ANOTHER BLOGGING TEACHER - with classroom - at my school! On David Warlick's Classblogmeister. Links to follow for sure, when she lets me know she is ready to meet the world. Isn't it funny? You can have conversations with folks halfway around the world, but when a colleague just down the hall joins in on the new conversation, it almost means more.

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