Saturday, March 18, 2006

Skype Notes

Skype Notes
Skype Notes,
originally uploaded by mahlness.
Frenetic scribblings during my part of the skypecast - Defining and Telling the New Story - on any pieces of paper I could grab close to where I was sitting. Trying hard to stay tuned in on the conversaton and say something reasonable when my turn came 'round again.

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Dr. Glenn E. Malone said...

You represented Washington well.

I am still frustrated that this is not catching on as quickly as I’d like.

Here’s the progression that I advocate and I heard mentioned in this discussion:

Step 1) Read Blogs

Step 2) Blog for personal/family use

Step 3) Blog for administrative/communication purpose

Step 4) Blog for educational purposes with kids.

I have focused on our administrators first. Using this approach, we now have 5 principals that use Blogspot as their primary means of weekly communication with their staff.

My problem is that I’m not being patient enough. I also need to provide the leadership to put security procedures in place.

Thanks for contributing to the discussion.