Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blogging and report cards

I'm sitting here at the kitchen table on one of the unfunnest weekends of the school year - report card weekend. Yecch. But I did have some fun yesterday when I was doing writing evaluations. I had sent this email to the teachers in my school Friday afternoon, I called it "report card smile":

Hi teachers,
It's Friday, 4 PM, I'm not done with those suckers - not even
close, but I had to share a moment that made me smile, in light of my little
presentation today... You know that place on the report card where you're
supposed to put little checks in the boxes telling what measures you used to
assess with this period? There's a box for "Other" at the end that I've never
used before - until today. Now I put a check in the box and write on the line
"blog". Then I smile and go on to the next one. Wonder when they'll add it in? Ha! Have a good weekend, all - Mark

So what fun was it to call up when I did those writing evaluations. I have never had such a depth of writing samples at my fingertips. Back and forth from the report card form to the student's blog on my laptop. No more digging around in file folders, rustling through all kinds of papers. What a great way to review my kids' writing! Another score for blogging. Now back to the mill.... math grades (:

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