Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to school tech intro

Here’s what I hope to cover in 12 minutes of a staff meeting at Arbor Heights on Thursday:

1) hold up Tom Friedman’s “The World is Flat”, suggest it is required reading for any teacher

2) pass out copies (for people to read on their own, later) of two articles from the Autumn 2006 edition of “Interactive Educator”:
- Building Online Learning Communities, by Diane Curtis
- To Blog or Not to Blog? You Decide, by Wesley Fryer

3) show Did you know, by Karl Fisch. I have mentioned this before here, but Karl has since updated the presentation and added sources


David said...

Nice choices. Keep after it, Mark! Good luck with your year, and another great year of blogging with your kids. David

Miguel Guhlin (@mGuhlin) said...

Mark, I taught a publishing student writing online with blogs class...and those are the two articles *I* passed out!

i forgot to record myself--it was too much for me to push the button (sigh) and juggle 20 other things...I'm so disappointed in myself--but I'll get me next time.

I hope you share your presentation with us as a podcast!


Mark Ahlness said...

David and Miguel, thank you so much for your comments. When I was so worried at first about putting my little ideas out there, I went to school today bouyed by your enthusiasm and support.

Truly, the higher you go, the harder you fall...