Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Feed2JS saves the day

I have not written anything here for a week. After daily posts about DOPA and filtering, I had had just about enough. Dead end. How can you shout any louder, anyway? I was exasperated, both with the national scene, and with the dead zone locally, in terms of acceptance of web 2.0 technologies. Not just acceptance, but just understanding. Not just understanding, but willingness to even have an open mind. Anyway, I certainly had plenty to say. But it was all so negative, so downhearted, in such a deep down funk. No way I could write about anything in that mood. Leave it to solving a problem to brighten the road ahead.

The rss feeds on the sidebar here had not been responding for some time, and as a result this page would take forever to load. I'd been using this incredible service developed and offered free by Alan Levine, called Feed2JS (Feed to Java Script). It is a remarkable javascript rss generator that can transform a boring, static web 1.0 web page into a dynamic web 2.0 place to be... it is an amazing tool. Plop the code on any web page, and you have rss content dispayed however you'd like it. I am surprised it is not used more.

The server that I had referenced had not answered for about a week. So tonight I did some digging and read something on Alan's blog about "leaving Maricopa", eventually finding the original server. I'm still not sure how this all works - there were mirror sites at one point....

Anyway, there are now six rss feeds on this blog, again delivering pretty much up to the minute updates from Doug Noon, Graham Wegner, Clarence Fisher, Brian Crosby (all classroom teachers),, and the Writer's Almanac. Nothing like solving a problem to bring the funk to an end. There's a little icon over on the side bar. Thanks Alan!

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Alan said...

Glad it worked out. I regret the old server has not been woken up, but its out of my control.

Keep on feedin'