Friday, August 11, 2006

Telling our story, again

Spurred on by the thoughts of Brian Crosby in Where are the “Best Practices” Examples!???! and Ewan McIntosh in Does blogging affect attainment? Yes!, I've been thinking more about my blogging experience with my third graders this past year at Brian wrote asking where the great stories are, why they are not shared, etc., and I started wondering just how often I had blogged about blogging with my class. So I'm going to go through my blog and list below the postings where I wrote about the experience. I have no idea what I will find, how many, etc. This may be interesting.
  1. Planning for next year
  2. Student bloggers, finally!
  3. Bloggers' contract
  4. Re: blogger's contract
  5. Classroom bloggers doing well!
  6. Turkey escape stories
  7. Progress and struggles
  8. What's good about blogging, part 1
  9. Email flurry
  10. Flickr, finally
  11. End of the year tech thoughts
  12. Struggling just to stay even
  13. Nice comments
  14. Amazing student bloggers
  15. Small step
  16. Plans for the week
  17. Good news, bad news
  18. A good week
  19. Comment that got to me
  20. Third grade tech problem solvers
  21. Room 12 - in Texas!
  22. Flurry of loose ends
  23. Connecting with parents
  24. Local connections
  25. Family Internet Night
  26. Blogging and report cards
  27. Slowing down
  28. Many things
  29. One more blogging teacher
  30. Blocking Flickr - can't get past it
  31. Good reading, 4/02/06
  32. The Real Tragedy of MySpace
  33. Oh, the places you'll go...
  34. The WASL
  35. A day in the life
  36. 21st Century Coffeehouse
  37. Rugged days
  38. Brighter spots
  39. The Class of 2015
  40. Just another day
  41. Comments - Thanks to the teachers
  42. Blogging Frenzy
  43. Last Day's Eve
  44. Blogging through the school year, part 1
  45. Blogging through the school year, part 2
  46. Blogging through the school year, part 3
  47. Top 10 student blog posts
  48. The Case for Classblogmeister
  49. Hard to walk away
  50. The case against classblogmeister - a response
  51. Understanding the power of the blog
There it is, a list of all the posts on this blog where I wrote at least in part about blogging with my third graders this year. It was a good exercise, and I didn't cringe at my own writing as much as I thought I would. It also confirms my feeling that I have indeed put my voice out there, have at least tried to spread the good news. It was surprising to note the number. I had thought 15, maybe 20, before I started compiling. I also looked at total numbers - I had over 150 total posts during this period. I don't know where this goes or what it means, really. More later...

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Anonymous said...

What a great thought...where this goes or what it means is the grail of education. I'm bookmarking this post to return to later. Thanks.