Monday, August 14, 2006

Arbor Heights - a dozen years on the web!

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Today is an important anniversary. Twelve years ago today, August 14, 1994, the Arbor Heights Elementary School web site appeared on the Internet. Below are a dozen items to remember and celebrate:

1) Our first page looked like this:

2) Ours was the 9th elementary school with a web site. It is the only one of those schools still at the same URL: - or these days, just head to

3) Take a virtual tour of the evolution of our home page at

4) The Arbor Heights Elementary School web site was featured via screenshot in Bill Gates' "The Road Ahead".

5) The site hosts the complete archive of The Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier, a collection of the writings of one of the Internet's visionary educational philosophers for more than a decade:

6) The Arbor Heights web site originated, was the host for several years for, and is still the physical coordinating center for, the largest educational activity coordinated on the Internet, The Earth Day Groceries Project:

Not resting on its laurels, the school is pushing out into the world of web2.0 with the last six:

7) a PTSA blog:

8) six rss feeds on its home page at

9) a PTSA listserv:

10) a school wiki, just starting out, at

11) podcasts of and pdf versions of the Jr. Seahawk Newsletter, "The oldest continuously published elementary school student newspaper on the Internet" at and

12) home of - a classroom of third graders helping to redefine 21st century literacy.

It's been an exciting dozen years. - Mark

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