Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pros and Cons of Educational Blogging...

Just plain amazing. Here's a screenshot Wesley Fryer posted of his computer while hosting the Skypecast last night, Podcast72: Pros and Cons of Educational Blogging Options. How in the world he managed to do this while simultaneously turning mikes on and off, responding to instant messages and emails from several of us, deciding who should go next, guiding the conversation, and occasionally having a good idea of his own :) - is beyond me. He must have been a teacher at one point in his life! Why bless my soul, I do believe he was. Fantastic job, Wesley, and everybody else involved in this conversation!

It's an hour and a half long discussion, wide ranging, but still focused. There are more of these in the works, and not just from Wesley. Brett Moller has one set up for next week...

In the afterglow of NECC, I hope people can begin to wrap their heads around what this may mean for spreading and sharing information. A point was made by many at NECC that F2F meeting was one of the biggest justifications for everybody getting together in San Diego. How about V2V? This Skypecast was a pretty powerful and rewarding way to meet people and exchange ideas, too. How we (are able to) do all this is changing so incredibly fast!

Anyway, head to Wesley's post for links to the podcast, show notes, the wiki, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Mark - I was busy putting together a new wireless network at my house that wasn't working, so I missed the first hour of the skypecast and I just listened in the last half hour - good thing Wes is podcasting it so I can catch up!
BTW Bretts Skypecast is tomorrow night (7-13-06) not next week - I'll try to be there.
Network sonnections are a good example of messy learning : }