Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hard to walk away

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I've not had such a difficult time before leaving school and classroom work behind. Even when I go out and find an incredible bird like this American Bittern today, I come home anxious to finish up this or that bit of blogging, work on a wiki, see what somebody else has written about NECC 2006, send a comment to somebody, check my classroom blog.... the school year is not ending like it used to.

Tuesday brought the exciting Skypecast, and worries about further blocking in my school district. Wednesday brought digesting all this, writing about the conversation, listening to it again, finding more and more exciting edtechblogs, and learning more about wikis, including editing one. Today has brought birds, more great blog reading and now I need to find out about mashups, something I was just reading about.

Spongemode. Here I am on summer vacation, and my kids are still blogging. I'm offering them feedback, approving their work, making a few corrections like I am still their teacher. I'm spending hours learning and planning - on the web, blogs, wikis - and not getting a credit or a dime for it.

Am I complaining? No way, I love it. I just find it remarkable right now how hard it is to walk away.

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