Thursday, July 06, 2006

NECC - tracking blogs, any teachers?

At the right, for a few days at least, are the up to the minute rss results for the hitchhikr page set up by David Warlick for tracking the bloggers at NECC in San Diego. A mouse over titles will give you the beginnings of the posts. (7-16-06 edit)

The blogging is fast and furious, some really exciting things are happening there. If anyone is collecting links to classroom teachers who are blogging/presenting at NECC, please let me know via email or comment. Thanks - Mark
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Krazy Dandelion said...

Mr. Ahlness,
I just read your blog-stuff and am amazed at what you've created with the help of your wonderful students!

I just emailed you with a special request to participate in a collaborative Blogging-Buddy project between your class and mine.

Please look for it in your email box! I look forward to hearing your response to my proposal!

Until then...