Sunday, June 11, 2006

Comments - Thanks to the teachers

There has been so much talk on some blogs lately about comments - on educational blogs, and just in general. Three I found very interesting were from Doug Noon, Graham Wegner, and Dean Shareski.

I just posted the following on my classroom blog. Wanted to be sure the folks below were recognized here as well.

This is a special thank you to the teachers who have left comments for the kids here. Your words have REALLY helped these third graders become stronger readers and writers! Here is a list of teachers who have left comments.

Most of the names are linked to their blogs, if they have one: Nancy McKeand, Ms. J.-S, Cheryl Oakes, Lani, Jeanne Simpson, Ms Bailey, Ms. Sato, Janice Friesen, Mr. Warkentin, Miss Vail, Ms. Fullerton, Mrs. DeGiorgio, Mrs. Turner, Jody Hayes, Pam Jeter, Mr. Brune, Jennifer Bazley, Dean Shareski, Brett Moller, Julie Jaffe, Michael Cridland, Mrs. Cessna, and last but not least, the man who gave us a confidence boost, got us excited, and who asked other teachers to send comments to student bloggers - as homework - Wesley Fryer!

Thanks to all of you! - Mr. A.

ps - if I`ve missed somebody, please don`t be shy about letting me know. I want to include everybody!

Wish I had done as good a job sending comments to their students. Many, many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Mark! Glad the kids appreciate the comments! :)

Cheryloakes50 said...

Thanks Mark, I get more enjoyment out of reading student blogs, making comments and waiting for them to read and respond. My summer "reading" will continue.