Thursday, June 01, 2006

Brighter spots

I should know better than write after a hard day in the classroom. I'll let my previous post stay, because it's important to me that I remember the journey. It's all about the classroom right now, and the end of the year is such an incredibly loaded time.

Yesterday I had a group of "blog testers" who volunteered to help me figure out where comments and blog articles were going. As a result, I'll have my kids start blogging again today. They just need to tell me when they've posted something, so I can go look it up for approval (or editing). I think the topic will be their blogs - how they feel about them, what they'd like others to know about them. This is something Darren Kuropatwa had his kids do a few months ago. I had read the post, but forgotten about it. Thanks for the link, Jeanne!

And we finally have a few pics of us that will be appearing on the class blog and elsewhere. The first spot is our school's Young Authors' Conference. Since I'm the webmaster for the school, my kids get featured :) Actually, they're the only ones with parent permission for pics on the web. Anyway, more to come on that, and I'll have more to say on student pics on the web another time.

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Unknown said...

You are welcome! I am glad that today was better!