Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blogging Frenzy

A week to go with my third graders, and it is getting frantic. It is all about the classroom right now. There are very few who go through this annual intense emotional roller coaster - of letting go - of moving on - of grieving - of getting so close and then saying goodbye. This is the part of being a classroom teacher that makes it, as John Mellencamp would say, "Hurt so good". I am so busy, maxed to the limit in every way, trying to make everything sweet and meaningful for my kids and me in these last few days.... All I can do here is copy what I just posted to my classroom blog:
Wow! The students at are outdoing themselves these days, publishing blog posts at an amazing rate. On all sorts of topics, like summer vacation plans (assigned by me), to sports items, video game stuff, fantasy writing, and on and on.... I am so very proud to be their teacher!

A couple of new things we've taken on this past week:
- most students now have a picture on their blog (upper right corner) of something important or meaningful to them.
- some students are including links to other web sites in their blog articles. They picked up how to do this pretty quickly last week.

Our last day of school is June 21st, and we will be blogging right up until the end. Many students will continue to blog here over our summer months (more on that later). -
Mr. A.

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