Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blogging through the school year, part 1

I just read The Next Movement from Darren Kuropatwa, a great review of the evolution of his use of web 2.0 technologies with his classes this year. So I felt motivated to remember, reminisce, and ultimately, plan for next year - I can't believe I just said that. Anyway, here's a month by month chronology of highlights/lowlights of blogging with my third graders. The red links below point to posts on, the classroom blog, and green links point to entries on this, my personal blog:
  • August, 2005 - I set up my account with classblogmeister, enter students names, passwords, post several test blogs from Billy. Lots of personal experimentation and practice for me, on classroom and personal blogs.

  • September, 2005 - school starts, aargh. The kids are so little :) We start some basic keyboarding (Type to Learn), they begin using Word, begin understanding the saving/opening of documents on the school server, locating their own directories, etc. Not easy stuff, amazing that we got through this.

  • October, 2005 - continuation of Sept. stuff, getting more fluid, more reliable...

  • November, 2005 - They kids find out about their blog (Getting started), learn passwords, all that stuff. We also go over the Blogger's Contract, a lot of important ground to cover, the kids are itching to get started. Very exciting! On the first weekend, kids are sending comments, sort of... (Comments). I assign their first blog writing piece, Thankful writing, and then Turkey stories. Teacher is swept away and overwhelmed.

  • December, 2005 - another assigned piece, Besides presents, lots of making of snowflakes, get together our first PowerPoint presentations, Snowflake Presentations Online!, I end the calendar year by assigning One More Gift. This was during our winter break, and led to a very big event in January, 2006.

End of Part 1.

As my kids often said when they just plain ran out of time, to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Mark this post is fantastic! I'll be sifting through the links you left and eagerly awaiting part two over the summer. Far and away my favourite link was Billy. I love Billy! I'm going to have Ziggy appear in my classes next year. He's the brain child of Billy. What a great idea! Thanks. ;-)


Cheryloakes50 said...

Mark great job, I'll be sharing this tomorrow with my summer workshop. We are also sharing Darren's. I'll be working on mine when this class is finished.
Great things are happening.Thanks for sharing the conversation.