Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last Day's Eve

Tomorrow is the last day of school for me and my third graders. Tonight I have once last chance to prep for a day that might make a difference in 22 young lives. One last chance. I'm lucky to be in a spot like this, with so much potential sitting on the porch stoop, waiting to take off.

It has been a remarkable year. This is a bright and caring group. They are pioneer bloggers, and they know it. Due to timing and the loud mouth of their teacher, they have had a lot of exposure. They have been read by many, they have received comments from students and teachers worldwide, and several have been quoted (think what this means, folks!!) all over the Internet. Eight and nine year olds, adding perspective that is right now pretty unique. And it is not just perspective, they are adding new content. See here, for example.

My hope is their experience will become commonplace, real soon, that writing and commentary like theirs will be everywhere. We will all benefit. I salute them, and I thank them.

Lest anyone think we don't know what's important and how to have fun, I send along a couple of short videos from yesterday in the classroom. They are on our classroom blog, which will continue running through the summer, at roomtwelve.com (visit the blog for background):

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