Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's not over

It's not over, the teaching. Because of web 2.0 and kids blogging, one week into summer vacation I am still:

  • approving writing my students are contributing to the world's body of shared knowledge
  • editing writing my students are contributing to the world's body of shared knowledge

School finally ended on June 22nd for the kids, and I finished up on the 29th - and we were all ready for both those dates. Am I wishing the school year was over? Isn't it over?

It's not over. And I am happy, like a proud papa, that some of my third graders are still blogging, even though I am no longer their teacher:

  • A Little Bit ago - Jonathan (the classroom champion of using the blog as a journal)
  • Lopez Island - Lindsay (blogged from the beautiful Washington State San Juan Islands, perfect writing, as usual)
  • Triple Sleep Over - Logan (unquestionably the most prolific writer in class)
  • On My Mind Today - Casey (best pioneer for using different writing forms on her blog, posting here incorporating feedback I gave her a couple of weeks ago)

Want to encourage these young writers who hold our tomorrows in their hands? Send a comment to one of their posts. You cannot imagine the impact. Ultimately, you will feel it. Thanks - Mark


Anonymous said...

I'm running into the same thing on our International Space Station Project, School has finished for most of our Canadian and American schools, yet there are students who wish to continue working with our astronaut onboard the ISS over the summer. I love that the students are taking charge of their own learning!

Unknown said...

Mark how soon do you get started with your new class?
I'm about to start our summer break and will have year's class for a morning soon,I was thinking of showing them blogging in this session. This will allow them a chance to experience it over their vacation!
What do you reckon?

Anonymous said...

I love reading what your third graders are writing. I really would like to start something like this with my third graders in the fall.
Could you please point me in the direction of a starting point?
Thanks so much,
Kristen (teaching in North Texas)

Mark Ahlness said...

Mr. Bourne, My new class starts up again in early September - they'll get to their blogs by the end of the month. A few of my class from last year are blogging over the summer at

Kristen, As for a place to start, head to and click on "documentation". It's free, but it's a bit of work to get it set up. Summer is the perfect time to try it out. Good luck next year.