Saturday, June 23, 2007

NECC 2007

In the off chance that somebody might stop by here and not be tuned in to NECC 2007, here are excerpts from a couple of messages I just posted to a local discussion list in Seattle:

I really recommend following the conference via rss feed, as the
bloggers, podcasters, wikimakers and more will be bringing tons of
it right to everyone. There is an aggregator for all posts tagged
with necc2007, neccprep, and necc07 at Hitchhikr. Subscribe here,
and you won't miss a beat:

Once you start looking, the resources are just overwhelming, and it
is happening right now, so here are a few links to dynamic, virtual
ways to attend NECC 2007 in Atlanta: - wiki with many bigtime edtech
bloggers contributing... - I hesitate to single out any
one blog, but if you subscribe to Vicki Davis' Cool Cat Teacher
blog, you will not miss much... - another Hitchhikr
aggregator to subscribe to, great info and insights, happening right

There's a flickr photo group in there somewhere, too... enough for
now, got to get back to my Bloglines - Mark

Mark Ahlness

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