Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dance Chance

I just posted this to my school's PTSA list. Not about technology, but it is indeed about teaching, opportunity, and excellence (and the two girls are in my classroom).

Arbor Heights Dance Chance TrioJust to let you know that three third graders from Arbor Heights got to participate the entire 2006-07 school year in Pacific Northwest Ballet's Dance Chance. Today I caught up with them after their performance in "Pacific Northwest Ballet 26th Annual School Performance" at McCaw Hall in Seattle. Hundreds of kids, in one group after another… I was amazed at how many kids get to take ballet lessons. Not cheap, for sure. Enter the Dance Chance program, an amazing effort by PNB to reach out to those who have the talent and drive, who might not otherwise get a Chance to Dance.

Dance Chance FamiliesWhen the curtain came up on “Dance Chance”, this third grade teacher must confess to a lump in his throat and misty eyes. The Arbor Heights trio did not miss a step, were spot on at every moment, and moved with grace – and wonderful smiles. I remember two of the families asking me, at the beginning of the year when they were invited to participate, if I thought their kids could afford to miss so much school. I replied something like I did not see how they could afford to pass up such an incredible opportunity. A year’s worth of ballet lessons at a world renowned school, transportation, gear, and more. It is a wonderful opportunity. Not only were these three chosen from 1650 third graders this year, they were part of an elite group that made it through the cut halfway through the school year. They have all worked very, very hard. This is a pretty big deal. They will find out this summer if they get to become a part of an even more exclusive group, to continue as fourth graders in Dance Chance. I am crossing my fingers for them…

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Melanie Holtsman said...

I just discovered your blog today and added it to my subscriptions. I'm right there with you on trying to maintain status quo AND move ahead. Nice to know I'm not alone.
:) Melanie