Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pigs on Parade

Almost there
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The Centenniel Celebration of the Pike Place Market began with 100 gorgeous - and zany, Pigs on Parade. In downtown Seattle, from Westlake Center to the Market. Two of my third graders, a Dad, and I volunteered to be herders for a pig.

We had no idea what to expect - but we had a sign to carry with the name of our school (thanks to a mom), and we were willing to take a gamble on participating in a civic event. A couple of weeks earlier my class had taken our annual tour of the Market - something the Market Foundation has offered to third graders in Seattle for a long time- I think this was my 14th or 15th year.

Anyway, there was a lot of walking here and there in downtown Seattle, asking event coordinators where our pig was. We finally found her (three different numbers on her, depending on what list you had), thanks to an organizer who said she knew the pig. She did.

Mrs. Pike Pigstein, sponsored by the Seattle Symphony. She'll be on display in front of Benaroya Hall for the summer, as the Market hits exactly 100 in August.

Can't remember when the last time was I marched in a parade. So of course I took lots of pictures - a set of 40 is on Flickr. I think we did pretty well, by pig herding standards. And thanks to our great sign, we're pretty sure several thousand folks now think Arbor Heights Elementary created this beautiful pig. Oh well, I told the kids at the end, no harm, maybe someday you will make one. Three weeks to go in the school year... I think I feel an art lesson coming on...


Jeff Utecht said...

What a beautiful looking day in downtown Seattle. Looking forward to being there in a week. Let me know if you're in downtown at all this summer. Would love to get together for a chat and a drink.

Mark Ahlness said...

Jeff, it was indeed one of those days you could not improve on. I'm a few minutes away from downtown and will give you a jingle when the school year comes to its blessed end - on June 27th. Dang those snow days in Dec/Jan!