Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Literacy?

New Literacy?
New Literacy?,
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Now the inclusion of the American flag is coincidence, so don't jump to any conclusions that this is a political statement. This was on a classroom door just down the hall from my classroom. I love my school and all my colleagues (this is a very good teacher), but this cutesy depiction of "how we write" could have been produced 70 or 80 years ago. We really do have a long way to go. Sometimes I forget how far.

Just to be clear about this: The writing process has changed. It is NOT encapsulated in a pencil any more. Web 2.0 technologies (and earlier) have indeed changed not only the container, but also the process.

I'm not sure what the most forward thinking graphic might be right now. I'll work on it. Any ideas?


David said...

Mark: enjoyed the post...WHEN will we (teachers and administrators)begin to accept that their are new ways of doing things, new ways that we must explore and use with our students? The graphic says it all-we'll use what is comfortable and has "always worked." I'll be looking forward to your new "pencil." Dave

Anonymous said...

I always appreciate when someone deconstructs an image to consider the implied messages it carries. There are a lot of conventional messages expressed at the elementary level with commercially produced bulletin board materials, and I'm thinking that there is a good critical literacy project available in a simple walk through the halls with students. Are you planning to include your students in the construction of the new graphic?

Just a thought about an alternative, probably because it happens to be convenient, but Will Richardson's post about the Learner as Network may suit your purpose. The pencil image implies a learner who creates content. The writer who is a node in a network is one who is stimulated by multiple influences, synthesizes information and creates new meanings that are shared with a community.

You got me thinking now.