Tuesday, May 23, 2006

21st Century Coffeehouse

I'm sitting on the floor in a packed coffeehouse in Seattle. No, it's not Starbucks - it's Tully's. Our school has had "readers' night out" here five times this year - kids bring their latest writings and read for an audience - PA system and all - the whoosh of the latte machine adds to the ambiance.

I was so proud of three of my third graders, who came down and read from their blogs off this laptop. All the other kids had their floppy pieces of paper, their little "books", etc. My kids just came with courage - and I would say some confidence - that the experience of writing for a global audience has brought them this year. They read a Mother's Day story, a fantasy turkey escape story from Thanksgiving, and a journal kept during the week of our high stakes testing on the WASL.

This is so far from the coffeehouses I remember in the 60's. My kids tonight were part of a very new generation, the one embracing totally different ways of reading, writing, and communicating.

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