Monday, May 29, 2006

MySpace and DOPA - great interview

Thanks to a nice comment from Jeff Cooper yesterday, I checked out the latest on MySpace from Danah Boyd - this time with Henry Jenkins from MIT:

Discussion: MySpace and Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)

This interview will be a real eye-opener for many, I hope, into what the controversy over MySpace is really all about. In my simple words, it's about kids, kids wanting to socialize, parents worrying about them, parents trying to control them. Nothing new here. Nothing except the arena. That's what is so terrifying to parents, fed incessantly by our mass media machine.

I hope this interview gets even wider airplay than Danah's earlier, but also very good: Friendster lost steam. Is MySpace just a fad?

She did end up doing a great job on the O'Reilly Factor, but if the message is going to get out there and really influence public opion (and therefore create a change), she's gotta land on Oprah. Here's hoping.

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Dr. Glenn E. Malone said...

Keep in mind that MySpace is owned by the same people that bring you the O'Reilly Factor.

Rupert wants parents and educators to see the potential in MySpace that convinced him to spend $585 million on it.

Maybe he isn't evil and he doesn't care about influencing young minds for his own political and financial gain.

Just in help parents see the whole picture, we hosted a parent forum that was attended by over 250 community members.

In addition, I put together this wiki as a resource for those that may be planning a similar event.