Thursday, February 09, 2006

Room 12 - in Texas!

I just posted this to my classroom blog at

Room 12 - in Texas!

Yesterday at the TCEA 2006 technology conference in Austin, Texas, Wesley Fryer gave a presentation about blogging and podcasting - and he mentioned us! For about five minutes he talked about our blog, who were are, and he spent some time actually reading an article posted by Danielle! We listened to it in class today. It was so exciting! If you'd like to listen to his presentation, you can tune into his podcast here. The section where he talks about Room 12 is about 20 minutes into his presentation.


Wesley Fryer said...

You are certainly on the cutting edge of technology-enabled literacy development with your classroom blog, Mark. This perception was reinforced last week at TCEA: school districts with teachers using blogs to publish student work are extremely rare across the state based on my informal surveys. Hopefully your example and the work of your students will inspire more teachers in other places to use blogs to help engage students in the writing process.

Miguel Guhlin (@mGuhlin) said...

Mark, I was sitting in the audience when Wes played Danielle's article. Powerful, very powerful.

Keep up the great work and know that folks in Texas are definitely looking to YOU and YOUR CLASS for the best ways to approach the use of blogs and podcasting in K-12.

Wishing you well,
Miguel Guhlin