Friday, February 03, 2006

A good week

Last weekend I set out two tech goals for the classroom this week. Done.

Made good progress on Inspiration. The kids got it very quickly - and are not pushing real hard right now to find out about all the bells and whistles - they're too busy laying out the chapter map of their "how to" book. And frankly, they'd rather be blogging!

The big news was actually getting a couple of podcasts going on student blogs! Using a mike that I've had around for years, Audacity, and a freebee ftp program, we produced two Seahawks cheers. Everybody in Seattle is just a little bit worked up about the Super Bowl this Sunday, so this one just fell in our laps, in terms of what would be the first podcast from Room 12. Now that the technical hurdles have been identified and answers found, I'm really looking forward to the possibilities that will open up with podcasting.

The kids continue to amaze me. On Wednesday afternoon, I gave most of the class an idea and half an hour on their blogs. Nine students published reasonable articles (all about the Super Bowl). A couple more have articles they need to spiff up a bit before they get published.

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