Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wireless access everywhere?

Sitting here in the Hartford airport, waiting to get on the first leg plane of my trip back to Seattle. Decide to plug in my laptop and try a "what the hey?" look for a wireless network. Obviously, there is one - very speedy - and free. Why are there no signs around letting folks know it's here? Is it just assumed everybody knows? Or are they truly everywhere these days? I tried the same thing a couple days ago at the Helen Keller Center on Long Island and also found an open network. For those who travel constantly, this is no big deal, I guess. But for those occasional travelers like me, it sure is an exciting development. I've been suffering away (whine, whine) on dial up to AOL access from my parents' home the last few days. It's nice to be back to what I'm used to.

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