Thursday, January 19, 2006

Nice comments

Received some very nice comments from Wesley Fryer on several student blogs at today. Really thoughtful, meaningful comments. Followed the link back to his blog and was delighted to read the following:

Edifying student bloggers

Mark Ahlness’ Mighty Writers are 3rd grade students at Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington.

I think pre-service teachers in certification courses should be required to visit classroom blogs like Mighty Writers and leave positive, supportive comments and feedback for the students. This assignment can potentially both edify the young student writers, and educate the pre-service teachers about the powerful and effective ways web 2.0 technologies can be utilized in the “real” classroom. I did this last fall with my students in Microcomputer Applications. They read and commented on posts by Bob Sprankle’s Room 208 3rd and 4th graders in Wells, Maine.
Mark also maintains a professional blog titled, “
Mark’s edtechblog,” social bookmarks, and a personal homepage.

Go Mark and go Mighty Writers!!!

I am hoping wherever our family moves this summer, we’ll be able to find innovative teachers like Mark and Bob who are integrating technology creatively with students to help them become better communicators in the 21st century! We need to be championing the work of classroom teachers like Mark and Bob not only in the blogosphere, but also “out there” in the face to face world. I will be sharing both Mark and Bob’s classroom blogs with campus technology integration specialists next month at our state TCEA conference. If you know of other good examples of teachers and students using blogs in the classroom to improve student writing/communication skills, please comment here and share the links.

It's more than a little scary to be mentioned with Bob Sprankle, somebody I'm in absolute awe of - the stuff he's been doing with his classes is just phenomenal! Anyway, very nice comments, for one and all.

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