Monday, January 30, 2006

Good news, bad news

Well, the Inspiration intro went well. The kids got that it was about content. They also got that there is a lot more for them to have fun with in the program. Several mapped a couple of chapter outlines. Everybody figured out (really quickly!) how to navigate to save their work to their folders on the server - through several directory levels.

Bad news was that none of the 17 computers in my classroom could hear the podcast made by Billy (me!). I showed them what it would look like - a few had listened to some other kids' podcasts from home, so they were VERY excited to hear we were going to be doing this. Well, I hope we are. I've put out a plea to tictech, asking for help. It's a software issue, having to do with win2k in our building, I'm pretty sure - it's driving me nuts.

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