Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Amazing student bloggers

My third graders continue to amaze me over at So we're making "expert" lists, writing short pieces about how to do stuff - both on paper and in Word. Today I tell them when they are done with today's entry, if they have time, they can put some of their writing on their blogs. Six kids published an article, like it was nothing. Three others posted, but have errors to correct before their writing is ready for the world to see. In a matter of minutes.

At this point they are independent in copy/paste, having multiple applications open and switching between them, how to copy/paste their own blog url in appropriate fields for commenting on other writing. It's no sweat for them to log in, change the look of their blogs, edit pending articles, etc, etc, etc. Kids beg to stay in at recess to work on their blogs and read others. Many times I have to either say no or cut them off early so I can get a few minutes of quiet time for myself. This is just plain unbelievable.

Today a couple of kids got a comment from Carrie Turner, a k-12 librarian in Nebraska. This was quite cool for everybody, as I share this sort of thing with all on our projector/laptop when it happens - and we all "feel the comment love", as another blogmeister user has put it (thanks, Gordon). Then one kid tracked down her web site from the other student's comment, because he just had to reply to her about the comment she had made about the Seahawks (actually, it was the Broncos) - then he posted it on her blog. On his own. Not bad writing, either.

They get it. It is coming so easily to them. They amaze me every day.

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