Saturday, January 14, 2006

News reporters and other stuff...

The school news reporters have been submitting their information on the blog I set up on Alan November's site. They have got the hang of entering their info as "comments", including first names and room numbers. I had hoped they'd blog from their classrooms - or even home, but no dice. So they all come down to my room and do it at once during recess and my prep period. I keep hoping they'll break away and send in stuff on their own. I think it'll happen before the year's out.....

Then I produced the usual paper copy for distribution at school, using Publisher - created a pdf, and uploaded it to the school web site. After catching up on a few missing back issues, I added this byline - which I'm going to include on all future paper copies as well:

"The oldest continuously published elementary school student newspaper on the Internet!"

Of course I had to look through a few old editions - back to '95 and 94. What a kick to be able to go on a Memory Lane trip so easily. Meanwhile, a few hours later....!

Today Dave and I helped unload a donation of 27 PIII's for our school's computer lab. Considering we're running PII's (laptops hooked up to monitors), it will be a great upgrade. They have win2k on them, but this will still require many hours of work, to swap them out with what's there.

Today I set up a school blog - just for the heck of it Figured I might as well have it ready for the day when folks are ready to come on board.

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