Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Too much

Sometimes we bite off too much. It's only Wednesday evening, and I feel like it should be Sunday night. Don't try this at home (while teaching third grade):

  • Monday - Family Internet Night, in my classroom, 6-7 PM. Six families in attendance, about 20 people. A new PowerPoint presentation, recorded audio for video mesh of mp3/ppt, coming soon.

  • Tuesday - Presentation/participation in, via speakerphone, the K-20 Network's Board Meeting. My third graders and I all had a chance to contribute, in our classroom. Using 19th century tools to talk about 21st century practices... (maybe more here later on this)

  • Tuesday evening - Family Internet Night, as on Monday - a repeat presentation for those who could not make it Monday - six in attendance: two families and a colleague. Recorded part that I missed on Monday. (had enough snacks left over - whew) . The video here is a screencast of the version from December, 2006. Live screencast version coming soon...

  • Wednesday - Jr Seahawk News Reporter meeting in my classroom. Snacks, writing via the news reporter blog.

  • Wednesday - Introduction of video production, via RCA Small Wonder, of How to Make a Six Sided Snowflake (and completion of PowerPoint presentation of the same).


Anonymous said...

Mark---I know the hectic life especially during the holiday season. I was wondering about your family tech night and how it was organized. I am working on having a monthly technology literacy night starting in January. I always look forward to reading your blog.
Bill Gaskins

Mark Ahlness said...

Bill, yeah, it was nuts to go for this two weeks before Christmas. I set it up for two nights in a row - to accomodate as many families as possible. I chose 6-7 PM after asking families for a couple of years what time worked best for them. I offered snacks, made sure they could get into the building in the evening, and set up auxiliary heat sources.

I will offer an end of year wrap up in May or June. I can't imagine doing more than a couple a year for my families... I'm sure the next one will be just as crazy hard to schedule. Good luck to you! - Mark