Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OLPC - Merry Christmas!

OLPC - Merry Christmas!
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OK, the little guy arrived in Seattle on Dec 19th. One hour later I am blogging this from its cute mini keyboard. Been on the Internet (to school first of course), been to MySpace, uploaded this picture to Flickr from it, and am posting this via Flickr. Did not read one bit of directions - there weren't any with it, anyway. Managed to figure it out with oldster intuition. Kids would have figured it out twice as fast.

No matter what you hear about this, it is simply breathtaking. One Laptop Per Child - the buy one, give one program goes through Dec 31st in North America.

Somewhere in a place where they don't have much, some kid will be having a fantastic time with one just like this little guy.


Tom Hoffman said...

Hi Mark,

Make sure and try this:

Hopefully mine will arrive today, and I'll see you in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

It really is an amazing machine!! I got mine a few days before school ended for the holidays. I decided just to sit it out in the computer room and see what people did with it. Most at first thought it was a toy, but were amazed and asked if they could buy one after they found out about it.

The more I do with it the more I am amazed. The one thing I have not been successful with so far is getting it onto my home wireless connection. I have an Airport... hmmmm I will keep trying.

Mark Ahlness said...

Tom, have not had a chance to try out your server, but will soon (do these laptops come with length-of-day extenders?!)

Janice, I think it's great you just left it out for the kids. I will do that in my classroom after the break. I had hoped to get it online, but it looks like our district wireless protocol is one not yet recognized by the XO. I can see it, am prompted for the password - then nothing. I read something about WPA being available in 2008...

Good luck with the home wireless setup. Happy Holidays!