Monday, October 01, 2007

Slow baby steps

New lab, almost
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They do add up, those slow baby steps, but it seems forever to get anywhere.

The picture here is my school computer lab, which we reconfigured for this school year. Wiring was a nightmare, requiring many more hours than the actual set up and deployment of the new (donated) cpu's.

And today, my third graders at finally got their passwords and logged on to their blogs for the first time. In our classroom - they will not use the lab.

Baby steps that will soon become giant leaps, I hope.


Anonymous said...

We are all looking forward to their posts!

John Howell said...


I have enjoyed your blog for several months now but this is my first comment that I have left. I just would like to extend a heartfelt, "Thank You" for all that you do.

I too have been have been taking baby steps with my fifth graders but do find myself feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Perhaps you could share your secret for balancing all that you do.


Mark Ahlness said...

John, thanks for the comment. I'm afraid I don't have any secret for balancing things. I think I'll write tonight about some of the chaos of yesterday... yes, it is overwhelming. But when it works, there's nothing else like it. All the best.

Amy, they all actually got them done by Friday: