Saturday, October 20, 2007

When Night Falls - picture it!

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Do you have a picture of your community at twilight, or as the sun is going down? Please consider joining the When Night Falls Flickr Group and sharing it with the world.

It will then become a part of When Night Falls, a free 24 hour Elluminate session, the final event of the K12 Online Conference.

When Night Falls begins at 12:00 AM Saturday, October 27 GMT and ends 24 hours later.

Directions for joining the group and adding your pictures (up to 2) can be found here. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to co-host with you. I wanted to contribute, but didn't want to do it alone the first time.
It was wonderful to share the experience with someone who pushes my thinking through your reflections on your blog and the work you do with your students and community.
The participants in our session were fantastic! The conversation was so rich! It's so great to connect with people who share the passion. Thanks for a terrific session on When Night Falls.

Mark Ahlness said...

Janice, thanks for the note. I think we did a pretty good job - good support for each other.

It was interesting the way the conversation evolved over the course of those 24 hours. I checked in several times, listening mostly.

I agree with you that our session was pretty darned fantastic. Thanks for a great hour! Have a wonderful year! - Mark