Monday, October 15, 2007

Regrets from a dream

A couple days ago I posted here about a dream that turned out to be real. Almost as soon as I posted it, I regretted two things:
  1. forgetting to thank the tech department in my district. I did so privately, but a public thank you is appropriate in this case - thanks, folks!

  2. not realizing that, with a wide open Internet, this would have been the perfect time to give a peek into Second Life. Aaack! This one really kills me - how could I have missed this?! Every teacher at the little in-service at least knew something about Flickr, YouTube, and MySpace. But I would bet you anything, nobody in my school has been to Second Life. Alas, Billy Brennon will have to find another time to show off his moves (yes, I'm Billy).

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Sarah said...

This is my second attempt at responding. I have three questions.

1. Could you direct me to the months in your archives where you posted your thoughts as you were beginning to blog with your third graders?

2. Where would you begin as a second grade teacher? I have access to a lab once a week, I have three computers in my room and my own laptop. My 23 students are on a rotation schedule. But, I don't feel like they have enough time or meaningful work to do. They know how to log in and get to Word to write something.

3. I have Moodle ready to go. Should I get them publishing on it, using it? Is there a way to alter your ideas that your students are doing in Medley for Moodle.

4. Do you think Moodle is too complicated at this time for me to use with second graders and their savvy parents?