Sunday, October 07, 2007

for Quita

Today was your last day girl, and it was a very sad one. I know you are now someplace even better than your earthly home - which you loved very much indeed. Dance on, Quita, and thank you.

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Quita (Kee-tah) was 14 years old. This morning I took her to the vet to have her put to sleep, as she was suffering terribly from kidney failure. It is surely one of the most difficult things we humans have to decide and do. When is the right time? There really is none.

She went quickly and peacefully, even purring a little during her last few minutes. The vet was wonderful.

I am not able to do much today. I've spent the last couple of hours scouring my computers and cameras for digital pictures of Quita, and then putting them in a Quita set on Flickr, a final tribute and thank you.

My wife just called from NYC, so there were many tears all over again as I told the story of Quita's passing. We loved her dearly.


Melanie Holtsman said...

Sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
I'm so sorry. Quita was a wonderful girl. A true cat.


Chris Lehmann said...

Hi Mark,

So sorry for your loss. She looks like she was a lovely cat. You can take some solace in that she had a wonderful life with you and your family.

Sarah said...


I'm very sad.
One of my students hit by a car Friday..I know now he'll be okay, but it was a long while to know. Somehow this weekend seems a real low.

Your Quita was beautiful.
I went with my best friend Heidi when she took her cat Fatima to a similar thing, same reason. It was getting to be just a horrible time. In the summer. She is still suffering that loss because they really were together so long, like family.I think she said it best when she said she was feeling a loneliness no one really "gets". Boy was that day a hard day. I know you must feel that.

Sending my best.
I think a photo tribute very touching.
I was thinking today about losing my cat Bootsie years ago, twenty years and I still want to collapse over it. I know that cat understood, felt. She was something.

My thoughts to you and your wife over this sad day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, I had a cat that was 21 years old and we put her to sleep. Extra sad day for me. But we didn't get her to worry about the day she died, so I was happy for all the wonderful years I was able to spend with her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Ahlness,
Sorry about your cat. But atleast Lincoln is still around. I hope he will give you comfort.
Katherine Fry