Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why I'm excited

Update, 8/4: for a well written perspective on this, read Andy Carvin's The Return of the Original Edublogger on

One might think I had just figured out how I was going to use Twitter in my classroom, or that Flickr was going to be unblocked, or that my classroom was going to have a wireless connection next year. No, I'm not excited about technology in education (well it IS related... read on).

What I'm excited about is teaching. About caring. About reaching and touching each and every student. I'm excited that so many more people can now be hearing that good message. If that sounds mushy-gushy, oh well. So what.

Louis Schmier is blogging.

Yes, you read that right. Louis Schmier, professor of history at Valdosta State University. The author of hundreds of "Random Thoughts", distributed on the Internet via email lists since 1993. The man who was blogging before the term "web" in web-log even existed (well, barely).

Louis Schmier's Random Thoughts are now blog posts - all of them.

Subscribe in your favorite rss reader. Add links to the posts that mean something to you, or that you want to return to later. It is such a kick to be able to link to his classic To Be A Teacher, as a blog post from 1994 - yes! Use the search feature to see how often he wrote about "blueberries", for instance. And now, in his latest Random Thoughts, you can leave comments for Louis - and everybody else. Huge thanks go to James Farmer for letting this happen, and for lighting the way in the conversion of hundreds of web pages to blog posts. This was an enormous undertaking, long overdue. I've been the html guy for way too long. Now it is all in Louis' hands, where it should be.

So, without further ado, I present to you an enormous body of incredible work, 600+ Random Thoughts (in a blog) about teaching, caring, and being a real human being:

The Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier

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Sarah said...

I love being inspired by others. I am typically a "glass is almost full" kinda gal. But, I often feel surrounded by other educators that hang weights around my neck. Several blogs I have chosen to subscribe to this summer are modeling the positive attitude I need to start anew every day. The Louis Schmier blog has now been added to my blog list. Please continue to post other people that inspire you. I want to work on "Paying it Forward."

Mark Ahlness said...

Sarah, I will do that. Andy Carvin just posted a wonderful article on about Louis and his impact and influence. I'd add Andy as an inspirational influence, right alongside Louis.

Anonymous said...


I plan to start each day with one of these posts. If you are inspired by them I know that it will help me to be a better teacher or leader of teachers! Unlike Sarah I tend to be a "how are we ever going to fill this glass?!" type of gal" so I really need the positive inspiration to balance that out.

Thanks, Janice