Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going and coming home

Three Recoverees 1
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What is home, anyway? When I go back east to visit my parents, I am clearly coming home, at least to them. From where I'm sitting right now in the airport in Connecticut, I'm clearly going home to Seattle.

Spent the last six days helping my folks recover from a vicious flu. Mom was in the hospital for three days, and I spent a horrific night in the ER with my dad, then they got better - and then I got it. Ouch. Bottom line, though, is that we are all well and leaning forward once again.

Home is where the heart is, and I guess it can be more than one place.


Sarah said...

I have a hateful bronchial pneumonia....are you better. My bout with the tummy one over Christmas was also a really bad festival of suffering. All in all not a good year for sickness. I hope your parents and yourself are fully recovered.

Sarah said...

opps i left out the ? after better. I'm spacy with the meds. I think....not to mention the yourself, myself , me and I things going on there.

I've taught in 2nd language so long I know cannot speak as well as I hope I once did....sarah

Mark Ahlness said...

Sarah, our good health has returned. However I didn't win any popularity contests at home bringing the flu back for my wife to get (aaargh). Take care of yourself