Saturday, February 03, 2007

Heroes and Hopes

I have not written here for a while. My energies are with the (incredible) writings my third graders are producing. Trying to wrap a school-wide writing prompt idea around young minds that have not had the chance to experience a whole lot so far, I just posted this to our classroom blog:

The third grade scholars at have been writing a little this past week about people they admire. They’ve also been thinking a bit about what they’d like to be when they grow up. Some of their writings are about both. Visitors are invited to check in on their thoughts, leave comments, and let us know who your heroes are – and what your hopes for the future are…. Mr. A.
I hesitate to single out individuals, because all of my kids are very, very special. But for the benefit of those who are interested, but don't have the time to wade all of their writing (some are already, at 8 or 9, quite prolific writers), here are a few notables:

My hopes for the future hang on the dreams of these youngsters. They will do well, and the world will benefit from their contributions.

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