Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lan Party Podcast

On November 20th I hosted a classroom LAN party about the K12 Online Conference. I recorded some of my thoughts at the beginning. There was a small turnout, and this recording is simply me talking about the conference - and a few other things. In listening to it, it seems to capture pretty well my feelings about the conference.

(17 min, 2 MB)

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Anonymous said...

Mark,I just had a casual listen to your podcast as I tapped away at a Maths report and I definitely must give the Terry Freedman podcast a listen. I too suffer from blog evangelism and need to stop being amazed that others "don't get it". Thanks for the plug for my webcast - you are right, you did make your sound bite short and concise while others took the liberty to talk at length!! I toyed with the idea of editing some of it down but it was too valuable. Thanks again for your contribution - I know you were a bit disappointed with the turn out for your LAN party but two things that might help put it in perpective. (1) An international school setting like Jeff's is way different to working in your local district or city like us. They crave Professional Development because of their isolated place in the world (from other educators) and will jump on it when offered while that may not be the case locally (in Seattle or Adelaide!) and (2) your three attendees will go and spread the word and then the people they tell will go and spread it further and so on and so on.
P.S. We have some New Holland honeyeaters who frequent our loquat tree in our backyard and when I see them, I think, "Wouldn't Mark just love a photo of them?"

Mark Ahlness said...

Graham, thanks for the words of encouragement. In a couple of days I do my second annual "Family Internet Night" in my classroom - I'll bet there is a better turnout.

As to your ps - goodness, what a great way to spend half an hour or so, Sunday morning, reading the paper and passing the laptop back and forth with my wife, looking at all those Honeyeaters - amazing birds, and I and no idea... just goes to show how flat the world has become - thanks!

And if the weather these days starts getting a bit too hot for you in Australia, cool off by taking a look at a picture I just snapped outside our back door this morning. Snow is a relatively rare event in Seattle, but this little gal seemed to be doing ok.