Monday, November 13, 2006

Guerillas in their midst

I was intrigued by the writing of Miguel Guhlin today. He cited another writer who inspired him. Interesting reading. Guerilla fighters in education....

But I would suggest the web 2.0 educational guerilla fighters are already there, unwilling to settle for baby steps when the rest of the world is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. We are there.

We cannot not surround and change the educational technology establishment by external force. And we do not have the time or patience to quietly play by the rules of that establishment, hoping somebody will eventually notice the cool things possible in web 2.0. We are working behind the scenes, using every tool, every lever and advantage, but... we have also infiltrated the ranks of the everyday teacher, the student body, the parent organizations, the school boards, the mainstream media. We will change minds, not twist arms. We will not go away nor shut up. We are guerillas in their midst.

(The image of Che Guevara appearing here is from Wikipedia, attributed to Alberto Korda. It is used in line with with the the owner's wish that it be used to promote "the cause of social justice throughout the world". Che Guevara represents many different things to different countries and cultures. It is his passion and committment to social justice that speaks here)

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Kyle Brumbaugh said...


I like the play on words and we have inflitrated their ranks... The longer we can go undetected, the tougher it will be for the 'establishment' to stop the process.