Friday, November 17, 2006

Final reminder: Classroom LAN Party: November 20th

just posted this to tictech. I wonder how many will show up...?
Final reminder, honest:
Monday, November 20th, at 3 PM, I'll be hosting a "Classroom LAN Party" in my classroom at Arbor Heights Elementary in Seattle. The topic with be the recently concluded but still existing (and growing) K12 Online Conference.

Friday afternoon I finished the installation of Quicktime and the latest Media Player on all 15 classroom computers. Then I completed the uploading of, linking to, and describing of - over one gigabyte of information (!) on our local server. This is not just any old information. These are the multimedia presentations from educators the world over - prepared for the K12 Online Conference. The conference is still online, but my aim here is to provide a place where people can easily sample, discuss, and view in entirety presentations requiring broadband connections. A test at 4:30 today had 12 computers simultaneously humming along nicely with different podcasts and video presentations.

Anyone is welcome to attend. Bring a set of earbuds or headphones (I have extras) - there will be time for individual exploration. Also feel free to bring along your IPod, flash drive, or other storage device to take with you as much as you'd like. And oh yeah - it IS a party - so feel free to bring snacks :) There will be signs to "Room 12" once you're inside the front door. We'll start with an intro right at 3 PM, and go as long as people want to stay... - Mark

Mark Ahlness

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck Mark...I'm sending my "Please god let this work" vibes on to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Sending good vibes your way from Winnipeg, Manitoba Mark! You've truly made it the conference that never ends. ;-)

Are you planning any podcasts of your LAN party? Will you have skype running so others can join you? If I'm available I'd love to join in. You start at 3pm in Seattle, what time are you wrapping up?

Y'know, for an online conference that "ended" more than 2 weeks ago the live events just keep on going on. ;-)

Mark Ahlness said...

Thanks for the best wishes, guys. Sure, if anybody wants to check in via Skype, I'll try to have it running on one classroom computer - 3:30 or thereabouts Seattle time might be a good time for anybody to call (mahlness) - although I'm not sure if it's be possible to leave speakers on at my end (so others could hear what's going on). It will be an adventure. How long we go depends on how many show up, and how long anyone wants to stay. I'll keep the classroom open until 6 PM if there are still people there...