Monday, October 02, 2006

What matters

I've been talking recently with a newspaper reporter who is working on a story about blogging in schools. This in itself is very exciting, but what happened this afternoon reminded me of what matters, really.

The reporter asked me today about the possibility of getting feedback from the parents of my third grade bloggers - from last year. So I went through some old emails and sent a note to 11 past parents at the end of the day. Hopped on my bike and headed home. When I got home I had heard from three of the parents - willing to talk about (last year).

What matters is the family connection. What matters is the continuity. What matters is that parents see the potential of blogging - and are willing to go to bat for it.

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Carol Burns said...

I've included your blog link in my new blog....our school is in it's beginning stages of learning blogging and I'm encouraging teachers to READ as many examples of good classroom blogs as possible before they get started on their own weblog. After reading the article in the Seattle Times, I did a post to my school's blog and wanted to let you know of our link. You can visit and give feedback, if you are so inclined. I've attempted to make my blog a model of how a teacher might actually use blogging and, at the same time, provide the content. Eau Gallie High School is at:
Thank you for the wonderful link and example.