Monday, October 16, 2006

K12 Online Conference - underway!

It's underway, in grand fashion. I was lucky enough to experience two events right in my classroom today, thanks to a flash drive and the luck of timing...

  • David Warlick's simply amazing "Pre Conference Keynote". This is a broadband download (85 MB, one hour audio/video), but definitely worth the wait: Wow!
  • The Monday Night Fireside Chat with David Warlick on Elluminate. It's over now, but I managed to get in for most of it. Fifty or so were there, David on live video, chatroom, whiteboard, sharing the mike - goodness, what an exciting place to play. And I would say the ideas expressed there definitely matched the newness and thrill of the environment.

I encourage folks to tune into the Conference Hitchhikr page, and feed for your rss reader.

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