Sunday, February 22, 2009

"99 pictures of friends on the wall, 99 pictures of friends..."

99 FriendsFacebook friends. I'm finally on the cusp of triple digits. This comes as I'm reading Dean Shareski's Control is a Worthless Pursuit, where he rightly questions even trying to control our kids on the Internet - in reponse to this story about a school district in Wisconsin doing its best to stay even with a societal shift. I hope they give it up. Not only is it worthless, but it is a wasteful use of resources that should be directed not to control, but to teaching, leading, and guiding.

So here I sit at 99 Facebook friends. BTW, none of them is a student of mine. I am a third grade teacher. But I do get emails from my students, yes I do. Time to wake up.

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Anonymous said...

Are we friends yet? I am jfriesen on facebook... I could be your 100th!

Mark Ahlness said...

Janice, yes we are friends - you were 105, I think - but who's counting? :)

Anonymous said...

I get those comments, too. They usually say: "Mrs. Henning. I just wanted to let you that I forgot to bring home my homework today, so I won't have it done tomorrow. Can I please have one more day?"