Saturday, June 28, 2008

XO chat/video share at NECC

If anyone is interested in joining in an XO chat or video share while at NECC, I'll be keeping a chat invitation out there and open for you to join. Often. And occasionally a video/photo share.

To connect, you need to set your XO to the same jabber server: - don't you love it? Here's how:

In Terminal, type:sugar-control-panel -s jabber

hit enter

hit control/alt/erase to restart sugar

Once you get your Internet connection started up again, check the Neighborhood button - and look for a chat icon. Click on it, and you're in! Or it might be a Record button - we can share pictures/video.

All realtime, instantaneous.

See you out there! - Mark

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, wish I had an XO, just so I could connect, play, and learn. Great that you are making this possible for people to connect and try out.