Monday, May 05, 2008

Coming up for air

It's not that I've given up on this blog - far from it. I am pitifully backlogged with ideas and partially written drafts. But Earth Day was a couple of weeks ago...

The Earth Day Groceries Project now has a record 174 pages on Pictures for 2008 - and there are 5 more that came in today. Last weekend I caught up. At an average of 10 minutes to transform each of them from an email with picture attachments to a school web page - well, it was a big task.

This is certainly the last year I will continue picture inclusion the way I have for the last 14 years. From now on, it'll have to be "links only" - where pictures will have to be on a school server or Flickr or something.... This is not an easy decision, as I know it means so much for so many schools to have their pictures "on" the site.... I just cannot do it anymore - because of the time it takes.

In the meantime, what or who lit a fire under Romania this year?!! Nearly 30 reports from schools who participated - and nearly that many picture submissions from those schools. Man, I wish I spoke the language...

Anyway, it feels very good to pull even and come up for air - temporarily. I look forward to getting back into the web 2.0 mix again, real soon.


MrsC said...

Your blog makes me want to pick up the family and move to Seattle. My soon-to-be 3rd grade son would absolutely love your class. Thanks for what you are doing for our students!

Anonymous said...


I am so excited too to hear about the participation of Romanians. I lived there for three years in the 80's (boy am I getting old) and I speak the language (vorbesc limba romana). If you need a translator let me know!

Two other thoughts:
1. Thanks SO much for keeping on the XO laptop use. Mine is sitting here mostly unused. The librarian said she got one also, but has never brought it into school. Maybe next year. It is discouraging to hear the recent news about other micro computers undercutting it and the misunderstaning about what it can do. It is just so different than the computers we use regularly.

2. It is time for people to learn to post their own pictures. There are SO many places that they can do it. Film is passe and so people are all taking digital pictures. Thanks again for all of your work... really cool.