Wednesday, March 26, 2008

XO Users - Connect!

There is a new jabber server set up on Bainbridge Island (near Seattle), and it's working great. It is one of only FOUR in North America currently functioning.

Briefly, a jabber server is a place XO laptop users can connect to that will allow them to share anything (pretty much) on their XO laptop with anybody else connected to the same server. This includes chat, video, write, and more... incredible technology!

Here's a link to the forum discussion with the location of the server:


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Anonymous said...


I am assuming that the jabber server that you are talking about will not work for me.

I have a little story to share. I have left my XO out in the lab near where the kids line up after using the computer lab. I watch what is displayed and I have seen that kids are trying out things. Well, Monday when I came back after not being in school on Friday there was an error message on the screen that said to remove all power devices and to restart.

My first reaction was frustration and that it was a mistake to leave it unguarded. I tried to unplug it and restart and it didn't work. So I put it at my desk and inbetween other things I worked on it. In searching for a solution I found instructions on how to install the most recent OS (or whatever it is...) While reading that I remembered that there was a battery and removed it (easily) and then it did restart.

I never would have thought that a non-teckie type like me could reinstall the OS, but I thought that it didn't sound too hard, so I followed the instructions! I now have the most recent copy on my OX and I have put it back where the kids can try it out.

I am amazed that I could deal with those problems myself and it was pretty easy.


p.s. The Librarian here has purchased one also, so we are going to get set up to communicate from the computer lab to the library. Maybe we will have an XO club next year.