Thursday, September 28, 2006

Almost there

Tomorrow my third graders will post their first articles on their new blogs. Today was pre-launch:
  • learning how to get to their blog
  • learning how to log in
  • learning their password and where it goes...
  • learning how to choose and set a template
  • learning how to name their blogs

We did it, in the classroom, in about half an hour. Pure chaos. There were sweet moments, though. Every single kid logged in, completing at least 4 of the the above items.

Tomorrow they will post their "about me" pieces they have saved in their folders. They currently range in complexity from about six words to three well written paragraphs.

We have talked so much about safety - probably too much. They do understand. They come with a healthy fear about public discosure of personal information. I'll help them refine and sculpt that shell of protection all year long.

The most attention they have paid as a group, to words on a page read by their teacher - was when I led them through the Blogger's Contract. It was a very solemn time, good questions - and then there were a couple of intentionally ridiculous questions that we all laughed at.

They signed the contract.

I gave them their passwords.

They were off...

Look out world, here they come, the 8 and 9 year olds from

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