Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh, the places you'll go...

...and the things you'll talk about. I posted this last night on my classroom blog:

Today in class we talked about blog comments. We had talked about what makes a good comment before. Everybody is pretty solid on that - and I think they are doing a great job leaving comments for others.

We also talked about "What happens when you get a comment?" Do you HAVE to comment back to the writer? What if they don't have a blog, etc. Do you leave a comment on an article on their blog that doesn't have anything to do with the article they are writing? All very good questions. Hmmm....

Which led to this.... I suggested that when people leave QUESTIONS on Room 12 kids' blogs, room 12 kids ought to respond to those questions ON THEIR OWN BLOGS. That's what grown-ups do, I said.

Well, this idea seemed a little strange to some kids in class.

Comments made during this discussion:
"But how will they know I answered their question?"
"I guess they'll have to check back on your blog"

(and everybody is thinking.... I guess I better make my blog worth coming back to!)

A very good conversation! Lots of good thoughts and ideas.So, for those who have left questions on Room 12 blogs, maybe you want to start checking back to see if the authors answered your questions. We started looking back through our blogs today, and several students have started answering. - Mr. A.

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